\gə-'shpät-nik\, [guh-shpaht-nik]

I went to a seafood disco last week,
and pulled a mussel.

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"What in the world does geshpatnick mean?" Well you've come to the right place to find out. The word geshpatnick is a paradoxical term and can have opposite meanings. It's primarily a noun but can be used as an adjective. It's meaning depends on the context in which you use it.

geshpatnick noun

Geshpatnick as a noun can be used to describe a good person or a bad person. For example, let's say a friend comes through for you and saves your ass in a situation -- he is awesome, he is the shit, he is the geshpatnich! A work colleague who you can count on, who is very helpful and helps you to do your job, she is the geshpatnich! An athlete who comes through for the team, he or she is the geshpatnick!

On the other hand, if your friend instead of saving your ass, he is an ass, he acts like a jerk, or he's being a douche bag, then he's a geshpatnick! If your work colleague is bitchy, she complains a lot, or is a slacker, then she's a geshpatnick! Someone who only thinks of themselves, always takes advantage of people, they are a real geshpatnick!

Now these are just some examples, but you get the idea. Notice the difference between the two. If you are the geshpatnick, that is a good thing. If you are a geshpatnick, that is a bad thing.

Many of us are both the geshpatnick and a geshpatnick. One day it's, "Honey, I love you. You are the geshpatnick!" The next it's, "Dammit honey, you are such a freakin' geshpatnick!" So as you do things in life, you can now ask yourself, "Am I the geshpatnich or a geshpatnick?"

...and then there's the person who's always into some sort of tomfoolery. Now there's a geshpatnick for ya.

geshpatnick adjective

Geshpatnick can also be used to describe an act. It can be a nice act, or it can be a not so nice act. Let's say you see someone give a transient on the street a little help. "That was a very geshpatnick thing he did," you could say. The friend who saved your ass, you could show your appreciation by saying, "Man, that was a geshpatnick thing you did for me and I thank you."

Then on the contrary, geshpatnick can be used to denote a very dastardly act. For example, if you saw someone kick a transient, you could say, "Wow, did you see that geshpatnick thing he did to that guy?" Someone who spreads false rumours about you behind your back, she does geshpatnick sorts of things.

In some cases, geshpatnick can be used to describe something good and bad at the same time. Let's say someone does a harmless, practical joke and someone gets really embarrassed. You get a kick out of the joke, but you feel for the person who was embarrased. It was funny, but at someone's expense. "God, that was a geshpatnick thing he did."

Again, these are just some examples, but you get the drift. When used as an adjective, geshpatnick and the word thing tend to be together. You'll only be able to tell the difference in meaning by looking at the context.

So now you know what geshpatnick means, and believe me, you are a much better person for it. Just think, you can now start using the word and all your friends won't know what the hell you're saying. So this leaves one last question. "What the heck is website is all about?" Nothing really. It's destined to become a hodgepodge. Enjoy your visit.